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Attractive cats are enchanting and bring happiness to life.

Throughout history, human civilizations have realized that special cats have an intuitive, magical and instinctive nature that connects life to a mystical dimension.

Our family of Bengal and Maine Coon cats display physically beautiful features, have interesting personalities and are raised in a unique, holistic and innovative cattery play land designed to support healthy cat life.

Attractive Cats invite you to come visit them …connect with them and take them home to be your special friend and part of your family.

What we offer:
  • Bengal and Maine Coon cats/kittens
  • Best products for cat lovers
  • Behavioral training for cats
  • Nutritional, health, wellness
  • Information: everything about cats
  • Entertaining art, blog reports, books, magazines, photos and videos
cats on the stairs
child with kitty
I like to play with you with my toys.
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Can you scratch my belly?
cats on the stairs
Follow the leader!